For some reason unknown to us, german uploaders prefer usenet boards to post infos about their uploads. Indexers making your life easy are non-existing when it comes to german content.

Here is a list of the best usenet boards of 2019:
Brothers of Usenet
House Of Usenet
Sky of Usenet

These are the only survivors after a bust from german law enforcement in late 2017 that hit the german usenet scene really hard. These boards are all open for registration (no invite needed).

Usenet boards that went offline after the bust:

  • Usenetrevolution
  • Illuminatenboard
  • Usenet Space Cowboys
  • Arts of Usenet

Some general advice

Be careful with these boards, use a VPN provider and do not pay with paypal or credit card. Who knows when the next bust will happen. No german usenet downloaders have been investigated until today but better be safe than sorry. During the busts law enforcement got hold of the paypal account used to collect payments. So they have all the infos including home addresses from the boards paying clients. Yes paypal submits your home address to the merchant, so law enforment did not even need a warrant for paypal, they busted the admin of the board and got all the infos on a silver plate. Paypal sucks for so many reasons and this is one of them.

What are the alternatives for german users?

To be honest: usenet boards are not for everyone. These boards are often run by kids and they look like it too. Mods apply random rules you have to follow and all that just to manually download nzb files. Press thanks here, make a post there. That's way to much work compaired to a netflix account. Sorry but these usenet boards are like a children's playground. If your time is money, you need an alternative.

My personal advice for german users is this: either buy a netflix account or learn English and watch your favorite tv shows and movies in English. If you go the netflix route, you still might need a usenet account for adult stuff, so you still have a reason to stay on usenet. Keep in mind, more and more content is distributed across different streaming services exclusively. So netflix alone does not cover it (you might need Disney, HBO, Amazon and Sky too). So you might need usenet after all if you do not want to pay 100$ a month on streaming services. And with more and more 4K content coming to the adult entertainment market, your 720p stream from *hub will look ugly.