Since bitcoin is going mainstream and regulators in the US and Europe are taking a closer look at bitcoin exchanges, it gets more and more complicated to buy even small amounts of bitcoin without a verification process.

We want to list some buying options, that do not need verification:

Austria: Bitpanda To Go vouchers

Anyone can purchase Bitpanda To Go vouchers in more than 400 post offices in Austria and around 1,300 postal partners throughout Austria with cash and other payment methods. This allows you to buy Bitcoin with cash. No verification, the coins go directly in your wallet. There are no limits. All it takes is setting up an account on Bitpanda to redeem codes indefinitely.

Mycelium: Local traders (in person trades)

The well-known Mycelium wallet offers a marketplace for people who are selling and buying bitcoin through an in person trade. Obviously this is no platform for low-volume trades. You should at least be ready to buy 500+ USD worth of bitcoin. It is of course the most anonymous way to buy bitcoin possible.

Bitcoin ATM

If you are in the US, you can go to your nearest Bitcoin ATM machine and exchange cash for bitcoin.


OpenSource and dezentralize marketplace for bitcoin trades. Visit


You need to prodive a valid mobile phone number in order to trade. Trades above 400 USD need id verification. Visit BitQuick

No more

Why is not on the list? Well, they banned cash payments, introduced KYC rules and are finland-based (nothing againt finland but their politicians are for even more KYC-rules on crytpo). Do not use them anymore if you want to stay anonymous.

AML and KYC explained

AML stands for Anti-Money Laundering and KYC stands for Known-Your-Customer. AML and KYC are manadorty rules if you want to open a bank account anywhere in the US or Europe. In pratice it means, you need to identify yourself to the bank in person and with your national ID or international passport when you open a bank account. These same rules are now applied to bitcoin exchanges all over the world. Most exchanges already have them in place. The next target of our freedom-loving politicians (sorry for my sarkasm) are our beloved bitcoin wallets. Especially if you are in Europe you should prepare yourself and switch to opensource wallets that are not custiodial (like Electrum). The laws are just waiting to be implemented in the EU.